Created in 1927, the members of the Metropolitan Detroit Building Services Association oversee the operations of commercial office buildings.  The association provides services for the southeastern Michigan area.  If you supervise the maintenance/operations of one or more buildings or if you provide services or products for those who do, you should be a member of our organization.

Our mission is to foster and perpetuate closer relationships among the building managers, operators and superintendents by cooperation, education and exchange of ideas to improve the methods and efficiency of building operation and to establish and maintain the superintendent’s position at a recognized professional level.

The association has members from Southeastern Michigan and Northern Ohio.

In the MDBSA, communications is two-way. If you have knowledge and ideas to share, you will find other members and officers eager to listen. If you have suggestions for improvement of services, or additional services, this feedback is also welcome. If you have time to volunteer, we have a number of active committees looking for assistance. The benefit you obtain from this association is directly related to your participation. Once you become a member, MDBSA is your association.